“Working out and wearing sexy clothes makes me feel sexiest.”


Samara Ribeiro is a true triple threat. The Los Angeles-based Brazilian stunner is a workout enthusiast and registered nurse who enjoys the simple things in life.

Any guy who’s lucky enough to score a night out with Sam won’t need to book a table at a swanky restaurant—her idea of a dream date goes down at a quiet coffee shop followed by a nice walk around the city of L.A.

Samara was able to take a little time and chat with ONYX about her guiltiest pleasure, European travels, how a man can catch her attention, love for sports and more:

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in a small town called Imperatriz. Growing up there was amazing but we had some hardships. I was very close to my neighbors and we were all like a big family. My neighbors were my best friends. We used to hang out during the day and play with the dolls, build things, read stories, etc. The street games were my favorite: amarelinha, cantiga de rodas, pular corda, peteca (don’t know how to say these in English). My mom was a single mom of four. She did not have siblings, mother, father or grandparents to help her raise us. She always had to work outside of the house. It was not easy for her and for us. We missed her a lot. We had to be raised partially with help from babysitters and partially from family members. We had a long-term babysitter that sometimes would mistreat us. I remember many times the babysitter mistreated my sister really bad and I could not say anything to my mom, otherwise she would mistreat even more afterwards. My relatives were an essential part of my childhood and they taught us many life lessons. They would come to my house whenever my mom needed them. They were such great storytellers. We used to get together in a big group and they would tell Brazilian folk stories, legends and fairytales … like the best of magical Disney stories. My sister and I used to get into a lot of fights, but we learned to always apologize to each other afterwards. My mom had a special way of discipline. She would just look at me or my sister and we knew we were doing something wrong.

What was your favorite thing to do there?

My favorite thing to do there was to go to the farms. I loved to see the animals, get milk from the cows, get fruit from the trees, climb a mango tree, grab a mango and eat right there, swim in the lake, waterfall or natural pools, play games with my family, look at the moon and the stars at night.

What did you dream of being as a child?

I wanted to become a scientist. Someone who would discover or improve something that would make a great impact on people’s lives.

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Who do you admire?

My mother. She is one of the most knowledgeable and strong people I have ever met. For her there are no bad days. Even when she is sick she is strong. She has always managed everything in her household alone. I remember when the roof would break, she would go up there and fix it on her own. If an animal came to our house she was never afraid. She learned so many practical skills besides her regular job skills. She knows how to sew and crochet … something I always wanted to learn but never had the patience for. She cooks the most delicious food. She understands about health and diseases. She taught us how important it is to be independent, emotionally and financially, and that everything in life is possible if you work hard for it.

What is your profession and why did you choose it?

I am a Registered Nurse. When I was young, my mom brought me a few times to the hospital in my town. There I saw so many people coming to the ER with open injuries from accidents. Motorcycles accidents were the most common, with life threatening injuries and a lot of blood. The nurses were so compassionate and calm in their tone of voice and in the way they managed stressful situations. I was so impressed and I wanted to be just like them. I saw how much difference they can make in people’s lives. Seeing so many people in motorcycle and bicycles accidents in my town, the only thing I wanted was to do my best to help them survive and heal. In Brazil I became an ICU Nurse because this was the highest level of care that I could give to a patient. Recently, since it’s always been my passion to travel, I started working as a Travel RN. I love the flexibility it gives me, and I have traveled extensively in the last two years. Also, I recently finished a Case Management program at UC San Diego, so I have plans to transition to work with injured workers and placing patients at the right post-care facilities. I eventually want to get a masters degree in pubic health, health policy or business so I can start my own healthcare business.

What is the hardest and most exciting thing about your job?

I work on a hospital floor where patients are usually in stable condition. The hardest is when this stable patient suddenly declines for the worse. I usually call the RRT “Rapid Response Team” as soon as I see the first signs of a patient’s decline. This is usually very helpful in preventing fatalities. The most exciting is the variety of cases I am able to work with. I work on the Medical -Surgical Telemetry floor, one of the busiest floors at the hospital. I feel very excited when I see a patient getting better and recognize that I was an essential helper in his healing process.

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What do you most like to do in your free time?

I like to do many different activities. It depends how I feel that day. I love to be outdoors, walk at the beach, let the sun hit my skin, read a book at the beach or a nice park, have brunch at the Pier in Malibu. I like to go to concerts and dancing, get together with friends, have a nice dinner. I also try to regularly get to the gym which really boosts my energy level.

Are you a sports fan? If so what’s your favorite sport and sports team? Who’s your favorite player and why?

Yes, I am. I love soccer and basketball. Even after losing the last World Cup, Brazil is still my favorite soccer team. For basketball, I love the Warriors from the Bay Area. For soccer, my favorite player is Neymar; I believe he has a great soccer technique. For basketball, Stephen Curry is my favorite; he is humble and he does the 3 point scores beautifully.

How can a man catch your attention?

Chemistry is something we really can’t predict. Beauty is relative, and I don’t rely only on beauty. A man who is masculine, takes the initiative and is confident really attracts me.

How can a man keep your attention?

If he is smart, humble and a gentleman.

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How do you let a man know you’re interested?

I like to be playful and leave some mystery in the air. I usually look into his eyes and try some physical connection. Maybe a slight touch on his hands or his back.

What’s your ideal date?

I don’t really have an ideal date. I like to spend quality time where we can have space to get to know each other. It could be a simple meeting in a coffee shop, a dinner or just walking around the city.

What is the biggest turn–on and turn off for you?

Biggest turn-on is when a man is creative and playful and surprises me; biggest turn off is a disrespectful man.

When do you feel sexiest?

When my life is all together and I have the time to take care of myself. Working out and wearing sexy clothes makes me feel sexiest.

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What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Binge watching the Latino mafia TV series.

What is the best advice someone has given to you?

Never give up on your dreams. And be always thankful.

Who is currently at the top of your playlist?

Camila Cabello and Maluma.

Who’s is your favorite person on social media?

My family. I keep my social profile because of them. If that’s not a fair answer, I would say there is not really one person who is my favorite but I really like a page on Instagram called “saudavelgostoso” because of the many tips for food, fitness and health.

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What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Europe is a magical place to me. I have traveled extensively in Europe for the last two years. — Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, Zurich. I love the architecture, the history, the different languages and culture, the variety of food. Venice was one of my favorite place there. When I saw this orchestra playing “Hey Jude” at the Piazza of San Marcos, I couldn’t control myself and started to cry. The violin, the church, the water and the people around. It was magical and I was fascinated. When I walked through the tiny streets there I felt like I was in another time and dimension. I could forget about everything and just be in the present enjoying every minute.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I don’t know about my future. I love to have this unpredictability in my life. I would consider moving to any place where I can meet my career and personal goals. I am open and not afraid of changes.

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