Top 10 Bachelor Party Destinations For Black Men In 2018

These vibrant, ultra-fun destinations are sure to amplify your remaining days of bachelorhood

So it’s time to assemble your closest friends and celebrate the last days of being single, but you’re not quite sure where the festivities should take place.

Whether it’s an international adventure or a locale destination, it is critical that you select a place where you’re guaranteed to have fun and be comfortable.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the southern, Spanish-inspired charm of New Orleans to the Latin vibes of Cartagena, here are 10 excellent suggestions for where to go to celebrate your big moment before the big day:


1. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


A key aspect of any bachelor party destination should be the party scene and not many cities can beat Santo Domingo when it comes to the party vibe. With a bevy of nightclubs and adult establishments, Santo Domingo ranks high for its party atmosphere. Factor in a host of culinary gems (we highly recommend splurging a little and making reservations at Pat’e Palo European Brasserie) and this place really stands out.

Plus, there’s something always to be said about how far your money can go in the Dominican Republic – a table with bottles can start as low as US$50 depending on the venue.


2. Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Not too far from the better known Cancun, Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen caters more to a post-college audience, stepping up in class in terms of venues and activities while still offering you plenty of party options. With plenty of highly-rated restaurants and excursions, your group will have plenty to choose between.

Plus, we rate the beach scene as better than Cancun, as you get slightly less clutter in people, but better quality in terms women (which, let’s be honest, for a bachelor party the quality of women is important). Lastly, Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen ranks highly among bachelor party destinations because of the overall affordability and luxe accommodations.


3. New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy is hard to rival for its ready-made party atmosphere and dedication to nonstop indulgence – and no boulevard in the city is better suited to delivering on the fun than Bourbon Street. With a near infinite selection of bars and restaurants such as Maison Bourbon and Willie’s Chicken Shack, you have a ton to choose between and, with the open container policy, you can spend your waning days of bachelorhood with your best boys and a nice buzz.


4. Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s hard to imagine a better place for a bachelor party than Las Vegas. If you and your friends’ goal is to go big or go home, Vegas offers everything under the sun from gambling to pool parties to nightclubs. On top of all that, Sin City offers five star dining and incredible shows to fill out your daily agenda.

After securing a hotel reservation (or better yet, a bachelor suite) on the Strip, throw on your best attire, grab your wallet and plan to hit the town’s best clubs like 1Oak, Drais (definitely grab a table for afterhours), Marquee, Omnia or XS. During the day, plan to throw on your trunks for wet and wild pool parties like the MGM Grand’s “Wet Republic” or the Hard Rock’s “Rehab”. In between all the fun, don’t forget to refuel by heading to a few of the world-class restaurants or buffets located in the mega hotels.


5. Montreal, Quebec

There are a myriad of reasons to visit Montreal (during the summer) from the late-night club scene to world-class restaurants to the finest women you may lay eyes on (aside from your wife-to-be) at a bevy of strip clubs centered along the 7-mile-long Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Factor in a number of fantastic summer festivals and European flair without having to leave the continent, and you have yourself a dream location for a bachelor party.


6. Cartagena, Colombia

Of course, anywhere referred to as “ The Miami of Latin America” or “The Hamptons of Bogotá” is going to attract the type of crowd looking for fun. With many highly-rated restaurants such as La Cocina de Pepina in Getsemani and La Mulata in the Walled City, Cartagena’s food scene is certain to delight the fellas. At night, Cartagena comes alive with many bars to choose from such as Alquímico and Café del Mar; plus, clubs such as Eivissa and La Jugada where the liquor and vibes flow to 4a.m.

Looking for something more to the point, stick your head in Elektra and try to figure out who’s there to mingle and who’s on the clock. Lastly, don’t forget about the pristine, white, powdery beaches. We recommend renting a boat (do so the day before) and heading to Islas Rosario (specifically, Cholon) just off the coast of Cartagena, or try Baru, a tropical, Caribbean paradise light on tourists.


7. Barcelona, Spain


While some may argue that Amsterdam reigns supreme when it comes to bachelor party activities, Barcelona is another European destination that deserves strong consideration. Why? Well, whether it’s partying until 6a.m., chilling on the beach or bouncing around to rooftop hotels with panoramic views and mingling with sexy women, Barcelona offers all of that and more.

An added bonus is Barcelona’s temperate climate, which keeps the city buzzing year-round. This European city lets you have it all without burning a huge hole in your pocket.


8. Miami, Florida

With beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife and endless options for exploring the outdoors, Miami should definitely be considered for your bachelor party destination. To be close to all the fun, we recommend staying in South Beach, where, if you research carefully and book ahead of time, you can secure great deals. During the day, we recommend a little day drinking or partying, football and sunbathing on the beach; book a snorkel trip or cruise in style on a private yacht charter with companies such as Tropicalboat or Prime Luxury.

At night, there are plenty of party options along the beach; check out bottle service at LIV or Basement. The next day, head over to Little Havana for some grub where you can refuel with Cuban fare like roast pork and rice and beans at Versailles or La Carreta.



9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If the timing works, we recommend traveling to Rio de Janeiro during the world-renowned Carnival festival, where the curviest women in the world will be on display for everyone to see. This magical occurrence is an enchanting sight to behold and we highly recommend making the trip. Besides the festival, Rio de Janeiro really has it all for a bachelor party – world-class beaches (Copacabana and Ipanema), endless bars and nightclubs, gentleman clubs (check out Barbarella, the women are top-notch), and a bevy of restaurants.


10 . Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has been a famous destination for partying and all sorts of wild rendezvous for decades. Everything a bachelor could dream of is compacted into this European hub with exciting street performances, world-class museums, cafes (or coffee shops) that offer some of the finest ganja (pay a visit to The Dolphin or Green House Centrum), festivals all throughout the summer, and, of course, the most renowned red light district in the modern era.

An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about cabbing everywhere, as the city is very pedestrian-friendly, dominated by cyclists and offering excellent tram system. Just beware that those pretty canals and narrow cobbled streets can all start to look the same, so you’ll want to be sure at least someone knows exactly how to get back to your hotel.  In the morning, when you need a little fuel to get going again, dine on tasty Dutch pancakes alfresco at one of the Vondelpark cafes like Hap Hmm.

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